UFTHAK’S BACK! (and his front. And his squig)

For those of you who missed the big news at the weekend, you can catch up with it here.

For those of you who don’t like following links, here’s the first part:


I’ve been sitting on this news for a while now (writing for IPs really tests your ability to keep secrets), and it’s so fantastic to finally be able to talk about it. Ufthak Blackhawk – the star of Brutal Kunnin – is a creation from my own brain (albeit within the pre-existing world of Warhammer 40,000), and it’s incredibly exiting and gratifying that Games Workshop decided to make a miniature of him for use on the tabletop. I’ve not seen a physical version yet, but I can’t wait to get my hands on one and bring out my old Bad Moons army (yes, even the metal Shokk Attack Gun from the… late 80s? Although I did kitbash a mek with a wheel for legs to be Da Boffin with a Shokk Attack Gun, so I should probably use him). But also, THEY PUT PRINCESS ON THE MODEL! I called a squig ‘Princess’ and Games Workshop not only let me do it, they’ve put Princess with Ufthak! It’s the stuff dreams are made of.


The second part of the news is here:

Yes, it’s a new Ufthak novel! He’s back, and this time he’s fighting the Drukhari. This should be coming early next year (exact date not known yet, even to me), and that’s not all. I’ve previously mentioned how Brutal Kunnin is getting a special edition, aka The Greenest Book Ever:

Well, Da Big Dakka is going to have its own, matching special edition! (aka The Other Greenest Book Ever)

As a side note, I watched the Black Library Preview on a television at a gaming venue in Nottingham, where a bunch of other Black Library authors and I were having an unofficial Christmas do (I played Nate Crowley at Necromunda – I was using my Orlocks, and he borrowed some Eschers from Jude Reid – and my Snakebite Orks took on Rob Rath’s Imperial Knights). It was somewhat strange to see ourselves on TV between dice rolls: what was even stranger for me was the realisation that the venue in question used to be a nightclub, where I DJ’d the queer rock night we used to run. My life is a strange thing, but a very enjoyable one.

Anyway, I don’t think there will be any more news or updates from me prior to Christmas, so there’s nothing left to do except to wish everyone happy holidays, happy (rest of) Hannukah, Merry Christmas, happy new year, and a fervent wish for some semblance of morality in the government of this country (or preferably, a general election), and peace in Gaza. And Ukraine. And Sudan. And… well, you get the picture.

3 thoughts on “UFTHAK’S BACK! (and his front. And his squig)

  1. Ufthak getting a model has inspired me to start building a Bad Moons army. Hopefully around the time the model comes out, the Ork codex provides a detachment that makes shooty armies viable. If not, still a fantastic looking kit, can’t wait to paint one up!

    Aside from Princess, I love the staples (bolts? Rivets? Very thick thread?) in his neck, holding his head to his new, nob-size body.

  2. *Warning of possible mild spoiler*
    Absolutely loved the book!
    Loved Brutal Kunnin, Greatly enjoyed Warboss, and absolutely loved Da Big Dakka.
    You have been consistently been putting out my favorite novels in 40k.
    In The Lion: Son of the Forest. You actually made me care about Lion El’Johnson and his sons. You managed to breath a personality and depth that made him feel like a real person I could relate to and care about.
    Here you managed to have an Ork and Drukhari have an actual nuanced discussion that didn’t feel manufactured or forced.
    I don’t want to make this too long by bringing up all of your BL additions. So thank you for all of the Wordplay, Juxtaposition, and humor you’ve given BL
    And thank you as well for the representation you’ve sprinkled into your books.
    I have a lot of friends and family who are lgbtqia+ and when I first got into 40k there was barely anything. So it’s been really nice seeing it be more prevalent in the last several years.
    I know I’ve probably said it more than enough here. But thank you again so much for all of the wonderful reads that have given me joy during times where that was a rare commodity.

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