THE BLACK COAST (The God-King Chronicles #1)

“Marvellous… any fan of epic fantasy is going to find something to love here” (Publisher’s Weekly starred review)

“Epic… powerful… The Black Coast offers everything that a fantasy novel could offer. I really, really can’t recommend this one enough” (Fantasy Inn)

“Promises to be a wastershed epic fantasy series. I loved it.” (Fantasy Book Review)

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THE SPLINTER KING (The God-King Chronicles #2)

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THE GODBREAKER (The God-King Chronicles #3)

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DARK RUN (Keiko novel #1)

Dark Run cover

By John Harris

“Great fun . . . Golden Age chic!” (Stephen Baxter)

Dark Run deserves to be this year’s breakout space opera.” (Andrew Liptak:

“…not so much a book review as a Grab-a-Copy-Now book recommendation…” (

“…if you’re looking for a Firefly-like tale, filled with characters like Damian Frey and the crew of the Ketty Jay, you won’t be disappointed with this one. A quick read, but an immensely entertaining one.” (

“…a story which rockets from drama to drama, leaving the reader breathless. At the end of the day, it’s a lot of fun, and as such, worth reading.” (

“it is wicked and fun and exciting and darkly joyous… And since Firefly comparisons do abound… while Whedon has a flair for writing badass woman, Brooks has taken things that elusive step further, surpassing Joss by giving his readers badass female characters who are also strong female characters; they have backstories, ranges of emotion, and the ability to stand entirely independently of the (also excellent and strong) male characters.” (

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DARK SKY (Keiko novel #2)

Dark Sky cover

Dark Sky US cover

“Even better than the explosive original” (

“[a] heart-stopping sequel to the original” ( (starred review)


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DARK DEEDS (Keiko novel #3)


“In this entertaining space opera, Brooks explores further his characters and their interactions…” (Library Journal)

“In Brooks’s fantastic third space adventure… the bonds among the crew continue to be a high point of the writing, as are Brooks’s terrific action sequences, particularly those highlighting Rourke’s fighting skills.” (Publisher’s Weekly starred review)

“This series is pure gonzo fun, and watching the Keiko crew pull off one improbable job after another never gets old.” (Barnes & Noble)


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THE SILENCE OF SOUND: Published in Translunar Travelers Lounge #1

REDEMPTION WAITS (Keiko short story): Published in Grimdark Magazine #4


UNDER CONSTRUCTION (Irregulars short story): Published in ‘The Trigger Reflex: Legends Of The Monster Hunter II’ by Pill Mill press


HUNTING SHADOWS (Irregulars short story): Published in ‘Night Terrors’ by Kayelle Press


RUNNING REPAIRS (Irregulars short story): Published in ‘Encounters #5’ by Black Matrix Publishing