Black Library preview, 9th Dec!

This coming Saturday, the Black Library preview will be live (well, I know for a fact that some of it was pre-recorded) to give you the lowdown on what’s coming in the first half of 2024! You can watch the teaser here, wherein you will see that I’m a part of it! So tune in to find out what I’m talking about, and a bit about what you can expect from me next year (as well as a host of other stuff from other amazing authors).

2 thoughts on “Black Library preview, 9th Dec!

  1. Any updates from you on what was announced Sat ?

    I was interested in a earlier post, about your first flight in a while. Circumstance or a fear of dlying?

    1. No updates from me: I can give no information that Games Workshop has not given (that’s a contractual thing: also, I don’t know stuff like release dates until they’re announced).

      As for flying, simply circumstance. I’m not much of a traveller abroad (I haven’t finished exploring the UK yet!), but if a bookshop invites me to come to a comic-con to sign books at their stall then I’ll certainly consider it!

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