DARK DEEDS release date and cover art!


In July, North America gets DARK SKY, just over a year after DARK RUN came out. But then, hard on its heels in October (October 10th, to be exact) comes the third in the quintology (assuming I get that far), DARK DEEDS!

Now, I’ve seen the cover art before, and I’ve also had an idea of when the release date was. What I didn’t realise until today is that Amazon and Barnes & Noble both have the cover art and the actual release date, and have them on their websites. So I figure, well, I can share them now as well.

Feast your eyes:

Screen Shot 2017-04-18 at 18.18.08

Rather nice, I think you’ll agree.

Now, this is of course the North American release date. You can get it in the UK via mail order, but I’m not yet sure what the deal with be with actually getting it off the shelf in Waterstones and the like. More news as we get it.

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