Hello, America! And a happy Independence Day to you (and a happy belated Canada Day to you too, Canada).

In one week’s time (that’s the 11th July for those of you counting) DARK SKY is released in North America. I’m incredibly excited about this, but also a little nervous. Why? Well, DARK RUN did okay in the UK in terms of sales, but did much much better in North America. Like, four-times-as-well-in-half-the-time better. So I’m really excited and hoping that DARK SKY can continue the trend, but I won’t lie, there’s always the slight worry that it won’t.

However, I can at least report that there’s some good press for it! Andrew Liptak over at The Verge has been kind enough to put DARK SKY on his list of 16 SFF and horror books that people should read this July, and I’m delighted to say that it’s received this rather lovely starred review from Publisher’s Weekly! I’m quite happy for it to be called a “heart-stopping sequel” and to get quotes like  “Brooks writes action that is nearly nonstop and pleasingly varied while still allowing time for character description and development. This is a great space-rogue adventure in a setting with vast potential for further stories.

So, let the count-down begin! And if you haven’t pre-ordered it yet, then feel free to do so to make sure you don’t miss out…

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