Adventures in London (again) and a NEW ANNOUNCEMENT

Yesterday I went to London to see the lovely people at Audible and be interviewed about the upcoming DARK DEEDS¬†(yes, it seems the release date has been pushed back to 14th November. No, I have no idea why). After a brief alarm when they thought I was a different Michael Brooks who’d written something called The Quantum Stargazer’s Handbook (I’ll be honest, I’d love to be able to say I’d written something with that title) they worked out which author I actually was and got the right questions out! I’ll put a link up to the interview when it’s out, so you can hear me admit for the first time that I probably don’t know Ichabod Drift’s real name.


(drum roll please)

…I have launched a Patreon! So if you want to read short stories by me on a regular basis then come and sign up. My goal is to get to $200, which (even with the current exchange rate, and tax) I think is a reasonable amount for a short story. I’d be very grateful indeed if you decided to sign up for what I’m sellin’.

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