Video interview! Appearances! Limited edition books!

A couple of bits of exciting news, in this brief update before I go out clubbing. Yes, you heard me. I’m still young, honest.

First of all, I have been invited to attend Nottingham Writers’ Club Sci-Fi Evening. This is on Wednesday 21st October at the Nottingham Mechanics on Sherwood Street, Nottingham. Speakers include Gav Thorpe (mainly of Games Workshop fame). I’m not speaking, but I’ll have a table with books for sale – namely Dark Run AND ALSO some special, advance copies of Dark Sky!

Advance copies of Dark Sky, you say? YES. I will have some copies with me of the box I received last week, and I will be selling them. What’s more these are LIMITED EDITION books… because it seems there was a slight typo on the copyright pages and they’re all apparently copyright 2016 instead of 2015! This will be corrected on subsequent pressings, according to my publisher, so if you want a limited edition (and technically inaccurate) copy of Dark Sky, come to see me at the Sci-Fi Evening!


You could come and see me at the New Writers UK Bookfest on Saturday 24th October.



For some reason I can’t get the flyer to be both big and clear, but anyway: It’s from 10am-4pm at the County Hall, West Bridgford, Nottingham. I’m speaking from 2pm about my experiences in mainstream publishing and what it is, and I should also have some books to sell there.


Behold, my first video interview! Shane from Virtual Napkins did an interview with me about mainstream publishing for a series he’s doing. Big credit goes to him for editing out the parts where I stumbled over my words, hesitated for too long or just rambled.


Have a nice weekend, everyone.


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