Appearances this week, and North America news

A quick blog entry before bed, to reiterate a couple of recent things and give info on something new.

1) I’ll be at Nottingham Writers Club’s Scifi Evening WEDNESDAY 21st OCTOBER (aka the day Marty McFly arrives in ‘the future’). The evening starts at 6pm, it’s £5 to get in, I’ll be there with copies of DARK RUN and limited edition advance copies of DARK SKY, and there are speakers including Games Workshop legend Gav Thorpe.

2) I’ll be at New Writers UK’s Bookfest on SATURDAY 24th OCTOBER which is at the County Hall in West Bridgford, Nottingham. It’s free entry and starts at 10am. I’m speaking at 2pm, about ‘What Is Mainstream Publishing?’ (and, as a result of that, about my own writing).

3) I saw this blogpost today, which gives another look at the lovely piece of artwork for the US release of DARK RUN, as well as some words from me about it (Saga Press asked me to give my opinion of it). A piece of news that even I wasn’t aware of is that DARK RUN is going to be getting a hardback release in North America! This is excellent and very gratifying news 🙂

That’s all folks, carry on with your evening.

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