DARK RUN hits North America (and your headphones)

Well, that was a bit of a busy week.

I was on holiday in Scotland, walking up mountains and around lochs and celebrating my nine-year wedding anniversary while I was there. It was a lovely week, and I’ll put some pictures up in a subsequent blog. However, on the 24th May DARK RUN was released in North America, and a whole lot of stuff’s happened around that.

So first of all, Barnes & Noble did this post about 15 books for fans of Firefly who miss the show after its untimely cancellation. Happily, DARK RUN was featured.

Tor.com decided to get in on the act as well, publishing this guest blog post from me about my love for punk music, and how that fits in with my love of science fiction and fantasy.

Next, Barnes & Noble decided that DARK RUN “deserves to be this year’s breakout space opera“, which is higher praise than I ever thought I’d receive! Given the sort of competition I’m up against in the genre, that’s absolutely fantastic.

Kirkus reviews have also decided to give me a mention in this selection of SFF books, for which I thank them.

And finally (for now), io9.com (who, lest we forget, put me on their list of ’40 SFF Books That Will Rock Your World In 2016′) have been kind enough to do an author interview with me about the book and my creative process.

The positive press the novel’s received has been wonderful, and I’m so glad that people seem to be enjoying it! I’d like to thank everyone at Saga Press for all their hard work in bringing this to fruition, and I look forward to DARK SKY coming out in N.A. in March 2017 (or at least, that’s the current plan).


Yes! On the same day as DARK RUN landed in North America, both DARK RUN and DARK SKY came out as audiobooks on Audible. They’re both narrated by Damien Lynch and you can pick them up right now.

So, yeah. It’s been a busy week.

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