DARK RUN is gathering speed

It’s all been a bit hectic! DARK RUN is coming out in North America on the 24th May and there’s actually been a bit of a buzz around it! I mean, we’ve had:

– Tor.com releasing the first chapter

– Tor.com running a giveaway of a copy

– Barnes & Noble’s Scifi & Fantasy department running an article about summer space opera books to read for fans of Firefly.

Also, the cover is in this poll on The Qwillery to see which debut author has the best SFF cover of May. And I mean, I may be biased, but I think it deserves some love, don’t you? It’s by John Harris, who has done covers for some of the best-known names in science-fiction. It’s a tremendous buzz to have such a well-reknowned artist doing the cover for my debut US release, and commissioning a piece of his artwork was apparently something of a realised dream for Joe, my editor at Saga (he told me that he also always wanted to do a cover featuring a cube spaceship, so he got a two-in-one with mine). That said, I do still love the UK cover, and not just because it was my first.

Anyway, tomorrow I’ve driving up to Scotland for a week’s holiday, so I won’t actually be at home when DARK RUN comes out! However, I should still be online so I’ll likely be surfacing and burbling unintelligibly or SHOUTING IN ALL CAPS BECAUSE I’M EXCITED YOU GUYS.

Have a good’un.

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