Sci-Fi Panel at Nottingham Waterstones

I like Nottingham Waterstones: they put my books out onto display tables and other nice stuff like that.

They also ask me to come and speak on a panel of science fiction authors.

Enter here for scifi goodness.
Enter here for scifi goodness.

This panel will be taking place on Monday October 10th from 7pm: it’s not certain yet whether entry will be free or whether there will be a £3 entry fee that will be redeemable against a purchase of a book by one of the featured authors, but I’ll update about that as soon as I know.

“And who are these featured authors?” I hear you cry:

Deborah Install

Andrew Bannister

Rod Duncan

While we don’t yet know exactly what we’re going to be asked about, it seems that there will be general discussions on the subjects of world-building and research, our own individual preferences, and about science fiction’s place in the world of literature today. I’m looking forward to it a lot, and I’d love for you to come and join me.

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