A free short story!

I went to FantasyCon over the weekend, and I’ll do some sort of write-up of that later. However, for now I just wanted to share the news that I’ve put up a free short story over at my Patreon. This is called ‘Hunting Shadows’, an urban fantasy/horror short that featured in the ‘Night Terrors’ anthology from Kayelle Press in 2012. It’s set at and around the Goose Fair, which is a travelling fun fair that comes to Nottingham on the first weekend of October (and has been doing so, in various incarnations, for over seven hundred years!), and is basically treated as the official herald of autumn here.

If you feel that you’d like to get more short stories from me once you’ve read this, then please feel free to sign up to the Patreon for more (and original) content 🙂

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