Apologies for shouting, but this is sort of exciting.

Apologies also if you’ve visited my website recently and have simply been greeted with a photography page. Long story short, a mate of mine was running the webhosting for this place and then he stopped doing webhosting without realising that he was still hosting my site, and then for some reason it redirected to his photography website. Which was prettier than my website, I’ll grant you, but not necessarily useful in this context.


Dark Deeds, the third novel documenting the adventures of the Keiko and its crew, is out tomorrow! Publisher’s Weekly have been rather impressed by it, giving it a starred review, and going so far as to call it my “fantastic third space adventure” and praising the “terrific action sequences”. So I’m pretty chuffed about that.

Also, I recently appeared on the “Signal Boost” part of the Skiffy & Fanty podcast, where I’m interviewed by Jen about it. You can listen to that here. Also appearing is SA Chakraborty, whose novel City Of Brass also sounds fascinating.

So, there we go. Dark Deeds is out tomorrow, and you should definitely go and pre-order it. It would make me very happy and probably contribute positively to world peace or something (look, it everyone’s reading my novels they can’t fight. I’m not saying it’s a perfect solution, but I’m willing to give it a shot if you are).


  1. Just finished Deeds this morning. Whew! You some kind of writer Mr. Brooks. If HBO or Syfy or some other channel doesn’t pick you up for a TV series I’ll be surprised and deeply disappointed. Your 3 Dark books are every bit (if not better) than Whedon’s Firefly. Although, I could not escape envisioning Gina Torres as Tamara. Well done, sir!

    (How is it you Brits have such a good command of the English language?) 😉

    1. Why thank you! High praise indeed 🙂 Although Gina Torres is far too tall for Rourke… I’ve always said maybe Jada Pinkett Smith, since I’ve heard good things about her being menacing as Fish Mooney in Gotham, despite being of small stature…

  2. Phew! All I read was a title of an article on your work by The Verge and something clicked and I thought to myself, I need to get back into reading. I bought a kindle and your three books and finished all three this week.

    What a ride. Thank you for getting my nose back into books. Any recommendations for further reading?

    All the best with your future work.

    1. Thanks for reading! I’d suggest Chris Wooding’s Ketty Jay series for further pirate adventures, although with airships not spaceships, or KB Wagers’ Behind The Throne for smuggler-in-intrigue!

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