Spring Update

I’d say “Well, the world is on fire”, but Australia was on fire for quite a while.

I’m not going to go into COVID-19. It’s horrific anyway, it’s disproportionately affecting people from disadvantaged economic and social classes no matter what our politicians say about it “not respecting boundaries”, and I sincerely hope that it can be curbed rapidly and lessons can be learned to better safeguard us from similar occurrences in the future. That’s it.

News from me is that the paperback version of Rites of Passage came out about a month ago, although due to aforementioned COVID-19 you can’t order physical copies from Black Library at the moment. My new Necromunda novel Road to Redemption came out at the end of March, but again, you can’t get a physical copy at the moment, and it looks like there’s been a delay on the audiobook as well: but you can get an eBook of either or both of these titles, if that’s your bag!

There should be more news before too long about my next Black Library release, but I’m not allowed to give any details until they do, and due to the current situation release dates may change in any case. The same goes for The Black Coast, my forthcoming epic fantasy debut from Orbit and Solaris: everything’s kind of fluid at the moment!

The most important thing is for everyone to stay safe, follow the health advice so far as you can, and watch out for each other.

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