It’s time to go to London for a long weekend of geekery!

To begin with I will be at Fantasy In The Court at Goldsboro Books just off Leicester Square on Thursday 11th. It runs from 6-9pm and will be your chance to come and mingle and chat with a whole bunch of scifi and fantasy authors (including me, but also more well-known names like Claire North/Kate Griffin, Mike Carey, Den Patrick etc). We’ll also sign anything you buy from the store. Tickets are £5 and I believe get refunded if you buy a book…

Then I will be at Nine Worlds from Friday! I’ll be going to various different panels and talks etc throughout the weekend, but if you want to see me Actually Doing Stuff then the schedule is as follows:


6.45-7.45pm Beaujolais Suite

“EWOKS! A shameless commercial creation or the creatures that crushed an empire?”

8.43 (according to our very exact running schedule) Cremant Suite

BIFRÖST – The Cabaret: see me playing my acoustic guitar and singing two exceptionally geeky songs.

10.15pm-2am Cremant Suite

BIFRÖST – The Disco. I join forces with two other brave volunteers to play tunes until the early hours for your listening and dancing pleasure. Beware of the almost inevitable punk covers.


2-2.45pm Chablis Suite (the Geekfayre Hall), Forbidden Planet stall

Signing session (alongside Gav Thorpe of Games Workshop/Black Library fame. Come for the Space Marines, stay for the space smugglers!)




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