A-Huron-ron-ron, a-Huron-ron

(that joke came from Twitter)

It’s been a busy start to the year in many senses; I’ve spent a lot of it writing an incredibly super-secret novel that I can tell you nothing about, which is… of limited interest for a blog post, I suppose. Suffice to say that you’ll hear more details about it in like, a year or something.

And then I caught Covid, mainly because I went out to somewhere full of Young People and felt incredibly geriatric at the grand old age of 40. We had a great night, and then caught Covid; we “fucked around and found out” as the kids say, or at least as the people who claim to know what the kids say say.

My band played a gig! On the 21st January, the first since February 2020, would you believe (yes, you would believe, because stuff was shut for a LONG time). That was great fun as well, and considering we’d only had about four practices over the previous two years, we surprisingly didn’t suck.

You can’t tell but I’m wearing a vest top of Vi from Arcane

I also went to EasterCon, although I had to go down on the Saturday since I was at Nick (bassist’s) wedding on Good Friday. EasterCon was excellent fun, even if it was at the Park Inn at Heathrow, which is a venue that seems permanently perplexed that people coming to attend a fully booked-out convention might actually want to stay in the rooms they’ve booked. I got upgraded to a room in what is technically another hotel (same building), which was far nicer than what I’d paid for, I suspect because they’d already let out the room I was supposed to be in. Back there for FantasyCon in the autumn, so I’m sure they’ll definitely have their shit sorted out this time. At EasterCon itself I was on panels about family and friends in SFF, and disability representation in SFF, and I moderated one with the delightful title of DISASTER QUEERS IN SPACE. It was great to see people again, although sadly it does seem that quite a few came down with Covid afterwards (I wasn’t long removed from my own infection though, so it seems I still had some immunity).

However, what’s prompted me to actually get on and post this is that my first novel of 2022 has been released. HURON BLACKHEART – MASTER OF THE MAELSTROM is a Warhammer 40,000 Characters novel, part of the same series that saw the magnificent GHAZGHKULL THRAKA – PROPHET OF THE WAAAGH! from Nate Crowley.

Huron is a Chaos Space Marine, a traitor who turned against the Imperium for y’know, entirely justified reasons, honest (to be fair, having looked into his background before writing it, I can kind of see his point…). He’s an utter bastard, basically, but I wanted to show his cunning and intelligence and reasoning, and I’m quite happy with the result. Other people seem to be happy too, and that’s the main thing 🙂

However, my second novel (of what will probably be four) of 2022 is fast-approaching, but more about that next time…

1 thought on “A-Huron-ron-ron, a-Huron-ron

  1. Hey Mike!

    Thank you so much for writing Huron Blackheart! I love everything about how you wrote him.
    Having just discovered Warhammer, your novel inspired my first army to be the Red Corsairs.

    Please write more Huron Blackheart! You and Huron are awesome!

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