Barnes & Noble DARK DEEDS review

I know it’s their job to sell books, but this review by Barnes & Noble might just be the nicest collection of words anyone has ever said about my writing. Skim over lightly if you don’t like spoilers, because… well… there’s a few spoilers in there (an interesting thing I’ve noted about the difference between UK and US marketing, is that UK stuff feeds you some tidbits to get you interested where as US stuff basically seems to tell you half the plot so you know whether you want to bother with it).

Still, I can’t complain about quotes likes “Dark Deeds delivers a supremely satisfying space heist”, “This a sequel that not only doesn’t fix what isn’t broken, it manages to do its predecessors one better” and “Rourke’s sections are the most suspenseful part of the novel, grafting a taut, kinetic spy thriller onto what was already a pretty darn thrilling space opera adventure”.

*dances happily*

Now I just have to hope people buy it, I guess…

2 thoughts on “Barnes & Noble DARK DEEDS review

    Just finished Dark Deeds. She ain’t have to do THAT.
    Genuinely Damn Good Book.
    Read entire series. OUTSTANDING WORK.
    Thanks from a Black Yank who lives across The Pond.
    Now when is book 4 coming out?

    1. Thanks, much appreciated!

      Book 4 is coming out at some point after my publisher tells me they want to pay me to write it (or after they tell me they aren’t interested in paying me to write it, and I try to find another home for it)…

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