Autumn Entanglements

We’re fast coming up on a couple of conventions at which you’ll be able to catch me, if you so wish. Firstly I’ll be at Fantasycon in Glasgow between 18-20th October, arriving on Thursday evening and leaving on Sunday. The programme hasn’t actually been made public yet, but I’ve seen the provisional one and it appears that I’ll be on two panels on the Friday afternoon/evening, then moderating one and appearing on another on the Saturday afternoon.

FantasyCon is usually a lot of fun, and an excellent chance to catch up with authors, editors and publishers: “networking” is a dirty word in some circles, but it is a real thing that happens and you don’t have to be a yuppie in braces or someone who works in HR to do it.

I’ll also be at the Black Library Weekender on Saturday 9th November. We’ve got all the details for that one, and I can tell you that I will be:
– On a panel about Inquisitors with John French and Dan Abnett at 11.30-12.30
– On a panel about Building A Narrative with Dan Abnett and Chris Wraight at 1.30-2.30
– On a panel about Navigators with John French and Guy Haley at 2.30-3.30
– Doing a signing 3.30-4.30

The last Weekender I was at was excellent, and now I’m going back as a fully-fledged Black Library author with a novel out! It’s also great to be on panels with Dan Abnett, who is something of a Black Library hero of mine. And no, there’s nothing at all daunting about being on a panel about Inquisitors with the person who created the most famous Inquisitors in Games Workshop history…

As with all conventions and public gatherings, please come and say hi if you see me, and please also assume that if I do know you, I won’t recognise you, because my facial recognition skills are appalling.

Hopefully see you around!

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